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Real endings - No fade outs - Structurally Accurate - Hi-Resolution Instant downloads
A totally unique co-op approach to getting the backing tracks you really want.

The cost to Co-Produce is only $7.00. This will save you $4 on a finished bundle of backing track and sax solo sheet
music, ($11.50). Each Co Producer song you pledge for
will include sax solo sheet music.

Here's how it works. Simply enter your email address in the form below (never shared) as a "Pledge" to Co Produce.
When I reach my goal of pledges I will email you with instructions where to pay your pledge. Once all pledge payments
are collection I will email you when production has been scheduled and projected finish date. It's usually within 3-5
business days of when production is started.  It's my intention to do at least one new Co Producer backing track a
month for several months. Each Co Producer song ends up as a product on my site as well.

Once the song is finished you will receive a link to download it in your inbox.

Now Co Producing "
It Could Happen" by Brian Simpson.                     Listen to YouTube of original. Click here.
Now Co Producing "
I Could Get Used To This" by Brian Culbertson   Listen to YouTube of original. Click here.
The Co Producers Process Is Back.
Co Produce Custom Piano Backing Tracks and Piano Lead Sheet Music.
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Submit your email in this form to pledge for
It Could Happen".
Brian Simpson.
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Submit your email in this form to pledge for
"I Could Get Used To This".
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